What Is Horary Astrology?

Most people are familiar with what Sun sign they are. Some are even familiar with their horoscope and where their natal planets are in their chart. But, in my experience, few people are familiar with Horary astrology.  I will try to give a brief explanation of what Horary astrology is, what it can and cannot do, and why you should give it a shot if you have a burning question you need an answer to.

Horary is the branch of astrology that deals with specific questions. When asking a question, it should be able to be answered in a “yes” or “no” fashion. Now, this does not mean that Horary is only going to give you a yes or no and that’s it – but, this type of reading needs a question that can be answered clearly in order to know what houses are involved. There are 12 houses in the chart, and each one rules a facet of life. So, if you were asking about whether you would land that job you just interviewed for, I would need to look to the 10th house and its ruler in the chart as, the 10th rules career questions. The 1st house or Ascendant, always rules the person who is asking the question. So, in cases where one is asking about say a 10th house or career issue, we would need the ruler of the 1st and ruler of the 10th to be connected by aspect. Now, depending on the type of aspect, as there are “hard” or difficult aspects and “easy” or positive aspects, this leads us to being able to answer “yes” or “no”.  After analyzing the rulers of the thing being asked about and their relationship – is when we can go on to describe “why”, “how”, and “timing”. Horary has many different rules that are followed so that we do not get lost and divert away from the areas of the chart we should be looking at. The main problem I have seen when new horary practitioners start is not understanding what house they need to use. Using the wrong house and house ruler can land you in quicksand!

So, what kind of questions can Horary astrology answer? Below are a few that I tend to get often:

  • Will my finances improve? Shall I be rich? – 2nd house
  • Is the rumor true? Will I pass the exam? Questions about siblings – 3rd house
  • Will I move house? When will my house sell? Questions about one’s father – 4th house
  • Will I have children? Am I pregnant? When will I become pregnant? What is the gender of my child? Should I buy the stock? – 5th house
  • Should I hire this person? Should I adopt this pet? Health related issues – 6th house
  • Will I marry? Will we divorce? Will I meet someone soon? What are they like? Will my ex and I get back together? Will they contact me? What do they feel about me? – 7th house
  • Debts, taxes, psychotherapy and sexual issues – 8th house
  • Will I travel? Is it safe to travel? Will I be accepted to the college I applied to? Will I win my legal case? Spirituality issues – 9th house
  • Will I get the job? Is my job safe? Will I be fired? What does my boss think of me? Should I start my own business? Questions about one’s mother – 10th house
  • Should I join this organization? Questions about friends – 11th house
  • Is someone working against me? Will I go to jail? – 12th house

This is certainly not a complete list of what you could ask – you literally can ask most anything. The one thing that Horary astrology is known for is helping locate missing items. This would most often be a 2nd house matter, as this is the house that rules your belongings. There are other houses and rulers we look at as well, but, the Horary chart can point us in what direction we need to be looking and whether or not we would be reunited with the lost item.

In future posts, I will analyze some Horary charts so you can see the full delineation and what you would get if you decide to order an Horary reading with me.